200km – A full day of challenge

It’s about getting around

A full day out; take your time, take in the views.

What’s it all about?

We start from Woodoaks Farm, a few minutes ride from Rickmansworth Station at 8 am.

Riders head up in the direction of Milton Keynes with the first stop at Mursley around 50km in. Then it’s over to Silverstone before turning south towards the next stop at Benson on the Thames in Oxfordshire. From there we’re homeward bound via a gentle climb back up into the Chilterns en route to Marlow, Cookham and Gerrards Cross.

With less than 1,900m of climbing, most people will be back at Woodoaks Farm to enjoy a welcoming beer well within the time limit of almost 14 hours. And at the end you’ll get the chance to meet the riders who have done the other Tour de Ricky Rides (or even the 400km Bare Bones ride to Wales and back).

Audax events are deliberately simple affairs and part of the fun is navigating yourself. We’ll give you a turn by turn instruction sheet and a GPS file a week before the event.

Audax events are unsupported; you won’t need a support vehicle. Of course, we’d love to see your friends and family at the end, but once you start you are on your own (with only the kindness of other riders to back you up).

If you are not familiar with audax-style events don’t worry as it’s quite straightforward – enter here – but be sure to read the T&Cs – entry fees are not normally refundable (most of it is going to a good cause) or transferable (to another rider or another event), and we can’t come and pick you up if you get into difficulty (although if you do hit a problem other riders will usually try to help).

After entering you will receive an email within a few days confirming your place and providing further information. We will communicate with you via email so be sure to check you received the message and that your spam folder hasn’t eaten it!

Please note that all riders have to enter individually as there is a personal declaration…

The 200km profile

Check out West London Cycling’s video of a route test in 2021.