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Women cyclists at the start of the Tour de Ricky 200


A perfect day on the bike

Our 100km audax gives you a taste of touring and little bit of a test (but not too much).

We start from Woodoaks Farm, a few minutes ride from Rickmansworth Station at 9 am – come early and grab a coffee and make some new friends.

The route heads north east past the intriguing Latimer House and up towards Wiggington before your first coffee & cake stop at the world famous Musette Cafe in Aldbury. Then it’s up the notorious Toms Hill and a speedy descent off Ivinghoe Beacon. From there you’ll visit the scene of the Great Train Robbery as you head towards Cubbinton for the turn homeward.

On your return route you’ll stop at Wilstone for a cuppa before tacking Aston Hill. After that, it’s downhill all the way back via Chorleywood.

The ride is mostly on quiet country roads with about 1,065m of climbing – to be honest it’s mostly flat (and no one will tell if you walk up the occasional lumpy bit) and almost exactly 100km.

Audax events are deliberately simple affairs and part of the fun is navigating yourself. The exact route is undergoing refinement to ensure perfect conditions, that it avoids all rain showers and doesn’t go too far over distance so you’ll get the final turn by turn instruction sheet and a GPS file a week or so before the event.

Audax events are unsupported. Of course, we’d love to see your friends and family at the end, but once you start you are on your own (with only the kindness of other riders to back you up).

If you are not familiar with audax-style events don’t worry it’s quite straightforward – follow this link – but be sure to read the T&Cs. If you are not a member of Audax UK you’ll need to take out temporary membership which includes 3rd party insurance. Entry fees are not normally refundable (most of it is going to a good cause) or transferable (to someone else or a different event) and we can’t come and pick you up if you get into difficulty (although if you do hit a problem other riders will usually try to help). We expect to be fully booked quite quickly so switching between events will probably not be possible.

You will need to enter the event for yourself – there’s an individual declaration about being of sound mind and a fan of cake – so you won’t be able to sign up all your mates without telling them,

After entering you will receive and email in a few days confirming your place and providing further information. We will communicate with you via email so be sure to check you received the message and that your spam folder hasn’t eaten it!

Profile of the 100km route